Raison d’etre for this Blog

As noted elsewhere, I’ve been in this programming business for a long time, but am still up do date technically, at least in Microsoft technologies; My LAMP skills are a bit rusty, but I still have enough PHP skills to do some fancy things with WordPress and this blog. It is my intention to try to pass along some of this knowledge to my readers, but in no way will I be publishing tutorials. Rather, I will pass along some tips I have learned through the ages, pass along new ideas I have discovered, and share pointers to articles I have found of interest elsewhere on the Net. I will also be giving, in small doses, some computer history as seen through the eyes of someone who has lived through all this. Throughout all this, I will keep it light through my finely tuned sense of humor (see “What is a Norby?), and will try to close each post with some sort of relevant, pithy quote (I don’t write with a lisp, BTW). If you are interested in some lighter stuff, please visit my personal blog.

I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. Thomas J. Watson (1943)

(Google him if you don’t know who he is, and stay tuned to this blog to learn some computer history)

What is a Norby Anyway?

I have been involved with IT since I wrote my first program in 1957 (sic) in Fortran for an IBM 650 at Brown University, where I graduated in 1961 with a B.S. in Physics (no Computer Sciences major then). I am currently in charge of the Microsoft practice for one of the largest global IT services companies.

In between, I programmed computers using punched cards, paper tape, plug-in wires and even entered instructions by pushing buttons and entering binary codes. I have written operating systems and compilers, directed software development, owned my own software company, been a programming contractor, and been “between contracts” (what contractors call being unemployed Laughing). During the course of my blog entries, I will try to relate some of those experiences.

Away from the computer, I am an avid poker player, puzzler (especially cryptic crosswords) and consumer of all types of music. The rest of my time is devoted to my beautiful wife, Marsha, my daughter and 3 grand-children (sounds like Wheel of Fortune). (Yeah, maybe my priorities are not in order; I’d much rather play poker that sit down at a computer, though I have been told that I can do both at the same time!!! Who knew??). And I have a distorted sense of humor.

Allow me to introduce myself – Mick Jagger (1968)


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